Important Questions for Homeowners to Consider About Concrete Cutting and Drilling

When you need to cut through some concrete on your property, whether that's a small driveway or your home's foundation itself, you need to ensure you know everything involved in the process. This will ensure you have the work done properly and avoid some common mistakes that many homeowners make when they try to cut their own concrete, or aren't prepared for having the work done by a contractor. Note a few questions that many homeowners ask when it's time to have some concrete cut.

1. Why have a contractor handle concrete drilling and cutting?

You may assume you can handle your own concrete drilling and cutting, but note that this material is very different than wood, metal, and the like. It's somewhat soft but also needs special blades and bits to cut through without causing it to crack. It's also easy to push a blade or bit through the concrete once you reach the underside and in turn, you may wind up cutting buried cables and lines or otherwise cause damage. A contractor will have the right materials and tools and the right knowhow for safely cutting through concrete on your property.

2. Why cut or drill concrete when it needs repair?

If a concrete driveway or home's foundation has a crack or split, you may assume you can or should just fill this in with new concrete or other filler, and you may wonder why it should be cut first. The reason for this is that you want to ensure that the area you're filling in will be strong enough to stop more cracks or splits from developing. If you don't cut out weakened concrete or drill through the depth of the concrete, the new concrete you pour could just continue to weaken over time so it will need continuous repairs.

3. Are there any areas of concrete that cannot be cut or drilled?

If you're worried about an area of concrete being in a tight spot such as when you've put up new construction around your home or inside your basement, you need to discuss this with a contractor. They may need to drill or cut around this area from another vantage point, such as cutting out an area for the basement window from the outside or drilling through the home's foundation from another angle when you're ready to run new plumbing pipes. You don't want to assume that a spot is too tight for cutting or drilling, but be prepared to adjust your construction plans if your contractor cannot drill or cut where you originally specify a cut to be made.

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