How to Pour Exposed Aggregate Concrete

The curb appeal of your home has the ability to substantially increase the overall value of your property. This means that they type of concrete that you choose to install in your driveway needs to be more than just functional. Exposed aggregate concrete is a type of concrete that is durable and highly stylish. It involves the use of small rocks or gravel mixed into the concrete to create various designs. It is a type of concrete finish that can be customised based on your style preferences. Before you decide to begin pouring exposed aggregate concrete, you need to know exactly what the process entails to allow for the best results.


What makes exposed aggregate concrete so unique is the presence of gravel or pebbles. The pebbles or gravel that you choose to use will not only be mixed in with the concrete but also be the base that you pour the aggregate concrete over. You want the gravel that you are using as the base to be completely even. This means that you should rake the gravel to ensure that there are no visible bumps or spots where the gravel is accumulated in one spot.


Once you have the base set using gravel, you can then begin the process of pouring the concrete into the form that you have created. The form that you are pouring into not only has a gravel base but also sides made from wood that are in the shape that you desire. This will ensure that the concrete takes the shape that you prefer when it dries. You want to be sure that when you pour the concrete into the forms that you spread it evenly. You have to work fast to pour the concrete and smooth it out in a timely manner. When you are pouring the concrete, it is recommended that you do not pour the concrete to the top of the form that you are filling. You need to leave room for the gravel that allows for the exposed aggregate look. If you do not leave this space open, you will not be able to create exposed aggregate concrete.

Arranging Gravel

After the concrete is poured and space has been left open for the gravel, you can pour the gravel evenly over top of the wet concrete. You need to work fast to make sure that the concrete is still wet when you are pouring the gravel and creating the design. Arranging the gravel over the concrete is easier with the use of a broom rather than a rake.

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