Questions Many Homeowners Have About Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are becoming a popular option for homeowners today, as concrete is very affordable and very eco-friendly. It can be painted, stamped, or stained to look like just about any other material, including stone or polished glass. If you've been thinking about new countertops in your kitchen, note some questions you might have about concrete as an option and then discuss these with a concrete contractor.

1. Is concrete safe for a kitchen?

You might associate concrete with being dirty, simply because it's often used for driveways and walkways, but concrete is just as safe as any other material when it comes to your kitchen countertops. Also note that concrete needs to be sealed regularly to protect it from cracks and damage, and you can opt for a food-grade sealant for your countertops in the kitchen. This will provide a safe environment in which you can cook.

2. Are concrete countertop difficult to clean?

Don't assume that concrete is tough to clean because you have a hard time getting oil stains out of your driveway floor; the sealant you use on kitchen countertops will protect concrete and make it no more difficult to clean than laminate countertops. You want to avoid using anything that might scratch the surface of the countertops when it comes to cleaning; this would include wire scrubbing pads and brushes. However, if you use nothing more than soft, damp cloths for your kitchen countertops, they should stay clean and in good condition at all times.

3. How long do concrete countertops last?

Concrete is very durable when it's been sealed properly; your concrete countertops should last indefinitely, even for the life of your home. You may need to have the finish touched up if you didn't seal the concrete properly and it suffered cracks or scratches on the surface, but the material itself is very durable.

4. Why call a contractor to install concrete countertops?

There are kits you can buy to make your own concrete countertops, but one reason to leave this job to a professional is that concrete is very heavy. A contractor will want to check the structure of your home and ensure your kitchen floor can manage the added weight of concrete countertops without buckling or cracking. It also takes some skill to create painted or stamped concrete that looks like marble or buffed glass, and a contractor will have more experience in these techniques than most homeowners. To ensure your countertops are safe and look their best, it's good to call a concrete contractor, such as Ellcon.

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