Questions You Might Have About Concrete Core Drilling and Sawing

Concrete core drilling refers to cutting rounded holes through concrete, typically done in a home when you need to run new plumbing pipes or electrical conduit through a concrete wall or slab. Concrete sawing can also be needed for when you want to add an egress window in a basement or need something other than a rounded hole drilled through concrete. If you're a homeowner or even a contractor who may need this type of work done, note a few questions you might have about the work and then discuss these with a concrete contractor.

1. Can concrete be drilled underwater?

If you have a bridge or causeway on your property or are a contractor needing to make repairs to such a structure, you may need to drill through its foundation. Underwater storage tanks may also need drilling for patching or replacement. Whatever the reason, note that some concrete cutters may have hydraulic motors that can work underwater. Don't assume that you can't have the concrete cut or drilled as needed but note that even concrete that's underwater can usually be repaired by a contractor with the right equipment.

2. What is the width or depth of the cut or drill?

Concrete drillers and cutters will have a wide variety of drill bits and blades for the work you need to have done, but note that they may also be able to access the concrete that needs cutting or drilling from both sides. If, for example, you need a basement wall cut through for an egress window and your concrete slab has been underpinned or is otherwise thicker than normal, a concrete contractor may be able to cut it from both the inside and outside. This can allow them to make the cut all the way through the foundation safely and easily. Never assume that any concrete is too thick or too deep for a cut but note that concrete contractors may be able to offer a solution for drilling or sawing that you need done.

3. What if only a section of concrete needs to be cut away and not drilled?

If you just need to remove an outer layer of concrete in order to perform repairs or patchwork, you may want to ask about concrete slot cutting. This refers to taking out a section of concrete on just the upper layer rather than cutting or drilling all the way through. Most concrete contractors will be able to cut slots or recessed areas of concrete just as easily as they drill all the way through, so don't hesitate to ask about this service if this is what you really need.  

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