Concrete Construction: Selecting an Ideal Core Drill

Concrete core drilling is an essential process during the construction of pertinent structures. This is a process that is designed to bore the concrete and extract a cylindrical core of the hardened concrete. The material obtained can be utilised in testing the strength and resilience of your new concrete structure after analysis in a specialist laboratory. Additionally, this drilling process is critical in creating pathways for utility networks that will be installed to service the building. These important products include electrical wires, water pipes, data cabling and even sewer drainage lines. Ideally, the drilling task should be performed by a professional concrete cutter, but you can obtain the drilling equipment yourself prior to the task. Here are crucial considerations for choosing the perfect core drill for your concrete project.

Drilling Capability 

The core drill is designed and manufactured to cut into the concrete and extract a cylindrical piece of the material. When choosing the right drill for your project, it is important to consider the potential size of the extracted core. This will help in ensuring that the holes created in the concrete are suitable for the pertinent applications. The diameter of the core is presented in the form of a range, so inquire about the minimum and maximum measurements for the holes. In addition, it is critical to think about maximum depth for the drill. If there is no equipment with the desired depth, you should acquire barrel bits from your supplier. These are designed to elongate the drilling part of the equipment.

Equipment Power

There are different forms of power that are utilised in concrete core drills. It is critical to check the types in your rental or purchase shop and compare with the conditions of your work site. Generally, suppliers will provide hydraulic, pneumatic and electric drills. Electric drills are convenient if you can access the supply lines or a generator from the area to be drilled. However, this can be expensive for large-scale drilling in larger buildings. Hydraulic and pneumatic drills harness the power of contained fluid and compressed air respectively, so these are cheaper and more convenient. Additionally, you should consider selecting core drills that can regulate power depending on concrete hardness and core size.

Handheld or Mounted

You can select handheld or rig-mounted core drilling equipment. The right choice will depend on the scope of the project. Handheld units are appropriate for small-scale residential work while large-scale buildings require rig-mounted alternatives. Moreover, there are intermediary drills that can be handheld or mounted on stands.

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