Tips to Help You Cut Concrete Using an Angle Grinder

Angle grinders can be used for several purposes, including cutting concrete. This article discusses some useful tips that you should remember as you embark on that DIY project to cut a slot for a window in a thin concrete wall in your home.

Mark the Cut Line

Ensure that the cut that you will make in the concrete is straight by marking that line in advance. First, use a pencil and a straight edge to demarcate where you would like to cut. Next, use a chisel and a hammer to make a groove along the pencil line that you have just made. The grinder blade will fit snugly into that groove and it will be hard for the cut that you make to stray from that line.

Check Your Grip

Hold the angle grinder in your hands without turning the machine on. Confirm that you can comfortably handle its weight, and that you have a good grip. The machine shouldn't feel too heavy at this point because you will need to apply some pressure as you use it to cut the concrete. If you feel strained by the weight of that particular angle grinder, rent or borrow another one that you can handle comfortably. Keep both hands on the angle grinder while you are cutting the concrete.

Protect Yourself

Do not wear any loose clothes because they may be caught in the machine accidentally. Wear gloves so that you have a better grip on the machine handles. Keep concrete debris out of your eyes by wearing safety goggles. A facemask is also a good item to have because it will protect you from the dust generated during the concrete cutting process.

Prepare the Work Area

Ensure that there is no obstruction around the work area. Remove any object that you may trip over as you work, such as twigs. The power cord of the angle grinder should never be close to where the blade is facing because it can be cut accidentally. Confirm that there is ample ventilation around the area where you will be working.

The tips above should not be looked at as an alternative to the instructions given in the user manual of the angle grinder that you have purchased or rented. Use the tips above as extra measures that you can take to ensure that your project proceeds safely and effectively. For more information on concrete cutting, talk to a professional.

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