How Pouring Concrete Can Keep Your Project on Schedule

If you are overseeing a building project that uses a lot of concrete, what are your concreting options? Concrete is time-consuming to mix, but often equally time-consuming is transporting the concrete to the exact area where it is needed. In many cases, concrete cannot be mixed in the area of the site where it will be used, so it must be manually transported around the site in a highly labour-intensive operation. The alternative to this slow way of working is to use commercial concrete pumping to deliver the mixed concrete exactly where it is needed at the exact time it is needed.

Why timing matters

When you are managing a multi-stage project, it is essential that each stage of the project is completed on time or you risk delaying the rest of the scheme, leading to significant cost over-runs. Traditional mix-and-pour concrete techniques are very labour intensive and susceptible to delays as there is a lot that could potentially go wrong with so many people working together. Commercial concrete pumping is a great way to reduce your labour costs while getting the concrete pouring completed much faster than before.

How commercial concrete pouring works

Whether you are overseeing the refurbishment of a single property or the creation of a brand-new housing estate, concrete will be an essential material. There are two types of concrete pumping machines you could consider; a boom pump or a line pump. A line pump will use a hose connected to the pump to direct the concrete wherever it is needed, while a boom pump employs a robotic arm to place high volumes of concrete in exactly the right place.

Why is commercial concrete pumping preferred?

Concrete pumping will help you to meet your project deadlines by allowing the concrete to be poured faster, and it needs fewer people to complete the task, but there are other advantages as well. Concrete pumping is a more accurate technique than traditional concrete pouring. Greater accuracy means fewer stoppages and delays on the job and less wastage. Finally, because pumping concrete involves fewer stoppages, the finish on the concrete will be more even and the concrete more durable, which creates a project that will need less ongoing maintenance.

Whatever the nature of your project, you can use concrete pumping to get the job done more efficiently. If you aren't sure how concrete pumping can help or which pumping machine you should hire, then your local concrete pumping company will be able to answer all your questions.

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