Three Places To Use Coloured Concrete Around The Home

Coloured concrete is one of the most versatile materials to use around the home. You can use cement for flooring both inside and outside and you can also decorate it in a myriad of ways. Here are three ways to use concrete around your home.


Driveways need toughness to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles, and durable concrete is the ideal material. However, there's no need to stick with a dull grey for this surface. You can decorate the cement with a range of colours from earthy terracotta hues to greens and blues. Colour stains react with the cement, giving variable tones that mimic nature, while dyes impart more vibrant and even colours. These can be combined with other treatments, such as texture stamps, to replicate individual stone pavers. These decorative effects will help to disguise any grease and grime marks that develop on the driveway, keeping it looking newer for longer. 


A patio creates a relaxing haven in which to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. Its flooring needs to be both enduring and attractive. Coloured concrete provides an excellent choice. Pick up hues from your home's siding or foliage to create a patio that harmonises with the landscape. Exposed aggregate can feature attractive river stones, seashells or coloured glass, and the encasing cement can contain tints to match. Alternatively, you can colour the concrete in blues and grey and texture it to mimic the look of natural slate or granite. You can even combine different treatments across the one patio. For instance, create a border of look-a-like pavers, and texture the centre section of cement with brooms that form a swirl and fan finish.


For a hardwearing internal flooring, install polished and coloured concrete. Machines grind and polish the surface to varying levels of shine, from a sheen to a high-polish, without the need for waxes. The shimmer will give a bright, welcoming feel in the kitchen, and it won't harbour allergens and dust as some more porous surfaces can. 

Coloured concreting offers virtually unlimited options for combining stains and dyes to coordinate with the decor: the cabinetry, benchtops and splashback. You can select warm earthy browns and tans or bright yellows and greens. You can texture the floor with radial lines or create borders that mimic ceramic tiles. To create a safe, secure surface, add a non-slip product for better traction. Concrete won't rot or warp after water exposure, so it's perfect for kitchens. It's also easy to clean and maintain, only needing an occasional mop.

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