Why You Should Install a Polished Concrete Floor in Your Bathroom

If you want to make an impression when you renovate your bathroom, you should think carefully about the flooring as well as those new fixtures and features. On this occasion, you should think of something other than tiles if you really want to make a difference and should turn your attention to concrete instead. What's so good about this age-old material, and how can you make it a special feature of your new washroom?

Treated Concrete

When most people think of concrete, they think of the floor in their garage. It's rudimentary, functional and does have a tendency to attract stains or generate dust. It's hardly ideal for a bathroom in the conventional sense, but in this case, you will turn to polished concrete instead.

Trendy and Long-Lasting

Polished concrete has become a major new trend in interior design and can make a big impact if it is installed correctly. Contractors will grind down the surface of the concrete with an array of fine tools until it generates the perfect shine. This type of floor is extremely long-lasting and will stand up well to any type of abuse. It's very easy to keep clean and is perfect for a bathroom, as it tends to repel the formation of mould.

Safety First

Yet wouldn't polished surface be rather dangerous in a bathroom? Not in this case, as despite its appearance, it is perfectly safe to walk on when wet.

Walls to Floor

Furthermore, you can do away with tiles altogether if you create a 'no-seam' connection between the floor and the walls, and this will make the solution a lot easier to clean. After all, you wouldn't have to worry about the grout in between all those tiles, as they need a lot of care and attention from time to time.

Other Details

You may have to introduce some special permeable layers to help deal with a buildup of moisture in the room, and the contractor will certainly need to be careful as they lay the floor to keep the surrounding structure dry and in good condition. Yet this is all in a day's work for the specialist contractors involved, and they should have no problem installing this part of your renovation once you give them the instructions.

Your Installation

Talk with your contractors about your bathroom and see if they can install a polished concrete floor for you. It's guaranteed to create a good impression with your visitors.

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