What Are Some of the Reasons Why Aggregate Concrete is a Popular Alternative to Stamped Concrete?

You might know that concrete is commonly used for residential purposes, and you might even know that there are different types of concrete that are commonly used. For example, in addition to traditional concrete, you might know that stamped concrete is commonly used for decorative purposes. You might not know much about exposed aggregate concrete, but you might be interested in knowing that it's a popular alternative to stamped concrete. You might like stamped concrete and could be wondering why someone would want to use an alternative, but you might be interested in knowing that aggregate concrete is a common alternative to stamped concrete for these reasons and more.

It's Usually Cheaper

Stamped concrete is more costly than traditional concrete because more work and materials are involved. This is true with aggregate concrete, too, but the top layer of the concrete simply has to be removed to expose the decorative layer underneath. Because of this, having aggregate concrete installed is usually cheaper than having stamped concrete put in. If you have been interested in decorative concrete but have found that stamped concrete is a bit over your budget, then you might want to get a quote for aggregate concrete in the same area. You may be given a quote that actually fits your budget.

It Works Better in the Heat

As an Australian, you might be used to hot summers. Because of this, you might know that it's important to look for building materials that can withstand the heat without being damaged. For example, you might have had to think about this when you had the roof replaced on your home. Stamped concrete isn't quite as durable in extreme weather conditions, such as when the temperatures are really hot outside. Aggregate concrete, on the other hand, can withstand both really high and really low temperatures very well.

It's Not as Slippery

If you're going to be installing concrete in certain areas, such as around your swimming pool or in areas where people will be walking a lot, then you could be concerned about someone slipping, falling, and getting hurt. This could happen with any type of concrete, of course. However, aggregate concrete offers better traction than stamped concrete, so it's a much better option if you are worried about slippery surfaces.

When looking into concrete options, you might come across both stamped concrete and aggregate concrete. Either type might be right for your residential project, but you might find that aggregate concrete actually ends up being the better choice. Many people find this is true for the reasons above and more.

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